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    Hear the Beard.

    Hire Hal to speak at your event.

  • About Hal


    I tell stories. I am a private investigator, an actual licensed PI. 


    I help defense teams fight criminal and civil charges. I help lawyers tell better stories. I help journalists find facts. I'm a story teller.


    I’ve been a research specialist for years: Real estate research, valuation, feasibility studies, internal audit, that kind of thing. I dipped a toe into the cold waters of journalism several years ago, mostly out of a love of words, language, and storytelling. 


    Which brings us to Hear the Beard. I've presented on a number of topics over the past several years: From one-hour talks to rooms packed with five investigators, to day-long seminars in front of 500 attorneys. I tell stories.


  • About the Beard

    My beard has come and gone over the past 30 years. Mostly, it's there. Occasionally, it goes away. For the past several years, It's been there. My beard predates the whole hipster thing by several decades. My nephew says it makes me look extinguished.


    A lawyer/client asked that I shave the beard for a courtroom appearance. I was to testify as an expert. I reminded him that he knew about the beard when he hired me. He begged, offering to pay me to shave. He upped the ante to $3,000 before he understood.


    The beard stays.

  • Hire The Beard

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    You can bring me to your law firm, company, or news room for personalized training.


    Need help crafting a narrative that will resonate with a jury? Need help telling a compelling story about your startup or new venture? Want to learn how to find that hard to locate witness or source?


    I will sit with your team for a day or two and help you tell better stories. One and two day sessions are intensive and detailed. Please limit the group to no more than four people. Any more than that and the room tends to get hectic and we accomplish less. 


    Send me an email, we'll find a time to chat.

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    I love to share tips and tricks of the PI trade with interested groups. 


    See the Gallery below for a partial list of podcasts, articles, conferences, and presentations in the past year.


    Send me an email, we'll find a time to chat.

  • Seriously, hire the Beard.

    Send me a message. Let's find a time to chat. 

  • Hear.

    Hear the beard online and in person. 

    Latest Podcast

    Sound of Pursuit

    Click on over to Sound of Pursuit to hear the beard in high definition audio. This is a sample, but once you're on the soundcloud you can click around and enjoy several podcasts from the team at Pursuit Magazine.

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    Investigations in the land of the lost.

    Want to learn how to find anyone? Invite me to share this one hour presentation with your team. You'll learn deep research methods for locating people. You'll learn how to dig your way to answers from public, internet, and open sources. 

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    FastCo Stories

    I write an occasional series for FastCo Leadership. You can check out the latest stories in Fast Company here.

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    Live and In Person

    I've presented to:


    IAPI - Annual Convention

    PCDLA - Monthly Meeting

    Security BSide- InfoSec Seminar

    NCAPI - Annual Convention

    TCDLA - Prairie Dog Seminar

    TCDLA - Rusty Duncan Seminar

    ACFE - World Fraud Conference

    SCALI - Annual Convention

    TALI - Annual Convention

    FAPI - Annual Convention

    NDIA - Wilmington NC PD Training

    Sound of Pursuit/LiveLaw6 - Live podcast

    (pictured left)

  • While you're at it, check Pursuit Magazine.

    As an online community of professional sleuths, Pursuit offers a platform for sharing innovative ideas and business models, ways to integrate new technology with old-school gumshoe know-how, and hard-won lessons from the field. And for the curious outsider, Pursuit is a front door to a world of mystery and intrigue, a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of real spies and PIs.


    Pursuit is for investigators, journalists, and truth-seekers of all stripes. Pursuit is for the spy-curious. Pursuit is for anyone interested in finding factual information to inform a narrative.

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